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David Lewis
(That's How It Seems To Me)


A graduate of the University of Illinois Police Training Institute and ex-farm worker, Mr. Lewis has absolutely no qualifications whatsoever for a career in broadcasting.  Still, he has brought his insufficient talent to Radio for Grownups in a continuing effort to assure mediocrity on the airwaves.  An affront to serious broadcasters, Mr. Lewis is the winner of numerous awards as a vocal talent and writer, and will steal ideas and concepts from virtually any source he can find.  Known laughingly as "Da Rev", a holdover from his days as a Deacon in Preacher Pellmore's Church of the Bottomless Collection Plate, David is most proud of his youthful career as a musician and drug abuser, and has awakened, confused and disoriented, under more pool tables than even the celebrated Teddy Kennedy.

Mr. Lewis' association with Radio for Grownups has plunged him even further into the depths of a dying career.  As "second banana", backstage announcer, and whipping boy to the overrated Joel Becker, David is still free to air his small grandeur through a series of stories and memories loosely grouped under the heading of "That's How It Seems to Me". 

A number of these mindless ramblings have even been assembled on compact discs in a transparent effort to compel trusting listeners to send good money for a substandard product (note that copies of the CDs are still available, cheap at half the price, on line at this web site). 

David Lewis:  ex-cop, ex-musician, ex-cowboy, ex-husband, ex-preacher, ex-hippie, and, if there is any justice in this world, someday, ex-broadcaster.