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Joel is not in fact a Rabbi, even if he does play one on the radio.  The so-called "Godfather of the Kosher Nostra" has in fact only one driving force in his life and career:  his blind hatred of David Lewis.

From the first week Joel moved from St. Louis to Kansas City to broadcast soccer for the Kansas City Attack, David Lewis has been a painful thorn in his side, almost immediately in Joel's way as he tried to produce commercials and promotional spots for soccer broadcasts.  Wherever Joel went in the Kansas City market, there was David, a roadblock to his success.  Flaunting his national commercial awards in Joel's face, David even voiced most of the Attack commercials.

After fleeing to Houston, Joel was dragged back to Kansas City with pleas to help improve the dying market.  At last, when success seemed within Joel's grasp, again the reviled Lewis was there, monkey wrench in hand.  Even though Joel was perfectly happy running a morning show and broadcasting hockey games, David, using his great influence over the comparatively less knowledgeable Woody Cozad, went out of his way to convince Woody to invite Joel on Radio for Grownups to discuss the Jewish High Holidays.  Despite not having attended services in nearly a decade and having no knowledge of his parent's Jewish religion, Joel was forced to comply, and later bullied into submitting a weekly contribution to the program, which cuts heavily into his valued TV watching time.

Joel recalls with agonizing pain the day that David Lewis first mentioned a new show about to air called Radio for Grownups, how the host Woody Cozad wanted David to be a part of the program, and how David was less than enthusiastic about the idea.  Despite his better judgment, Joel recommended that David "give it a try", it probably wouldn't last long anyway.  A recommendation Joel has come to regret daily.

Luckily, Joel is now the webmaster of this site, and uses every opportunity to get back at his evil nemesis, since David has the computer expertise of a brick.

As if the above weren't enough, after Woody's abrupt disappearence from the show, Joel is now having host's duties thrust upon him, despite his better judgement.  Joel is hoping that since most people tune in mostly to hear the bits anyway, all he'll have to do is introduce them and pretend to enjoy talking to David.