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Loey Lockerby, our movie maven and film fatale, views an average of 150 movies a year, which would account for all her missing brain cells.  A native of Kansas City, Kansas (go Dottes!), Loey received a degree in film history and American studies from Bard College, a snooty East coast liberal arts school in upstate New York.

Upon graduation in 1993, she returned to Kansas City, Kansas, and as such, has not had to deal with people who use words such as "paradigm" and "mise-en-scène" since, for which she is extremely grateful.

Loey writes for the Kansas City Star's Preview section, is a regular panelist every other Friday morning on the Walt Bodine Show on KCUR 89.3 FM (NPR/KC). 

Of course, her favorite "gig" is Radio for Grownups, because Joel and David play the works of Twentieth Century Masters (like the Bee-Gees) during breaks.