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Greg Hall
(Greg Hall's Sporting Mind)


As a life-long wannabee, and never possessing enough talent to find honest employment, Greg Hall took pen in hand and launched himself into a career that has propelled him to ever new lows in the field of journalism. Too naturally lazy to actually become an athlete himself, instead, much like the suspect Bob Costas, Greg has preyed on the abilities of others to thrust himself into the limelight. When he determined that he had profited from the printed word as much as he would ever be able to, Mr. Hall badgered the talented staffers at Radio for Grownups until they finally gave in and allowed him to actually talk. And talk. And talk.

Currently involved in night classes in an ongoing effort to gain his citizenship, and working part-time at Earlene's Fill Dirt and Drainage as a mud tester, Mr. Hall's goal is to be able to afford the medication he so desperately needs. Fortunately, it is screw-top.  In spite of management's better judgment and listener protests, and as part of his work-release program, Greg continues to bore the audience on a weekly basis.