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Woody Cozad
(Food for Thought)


The original host of Radio for Grownups, Woody was born in Portland, Maine, but was so obviously intended by God to be a cracker that he was banished to the Midwest while yet an infant.   And so it came to pass that he grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, where he was the object of educational ministrations at the hands of the local public schools. They failed as miserably with Woody as they now do with all their students.

Woody graduated from Westminster College into the U.S. Navy, where a number of poorly trained Vietnamese marksmen attempted to prevent his becoming a radio talk show host.   Critics!   Thence, Woody proceeded to law school, not having the guts to be a used car dealer.

For longer than he's prepared to admit, Woody has practiced law in Kansas City with the firm of Stinson, Morrison, Hecker, LLP.   He's also served as Chairman of the Missouri Highway Department, as a board member of the Missouri University System, and spent five years as Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party.   All without having been called before a single grand jury.

In 1978, by fraudulent and nefarious means, Woody persuaded the former Linda Hickerson to marry him.  They live together on twenty acres of rolling land that they call "Hilltop".   Their friends refer to it as "The Ponderosa".   They maintain a pack of dogs and cats, all of them aging and infirm, just like Woody.

Monday through Friday during the noon hour, Woody can be heard delivering his Food For Thought commentaries on the Bott Radio Network, and, of course, during Radio For Grownups.   You can also  find them archived here at   But then, you're already here, aren't you?   How wise you are!