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Tom Prendergast is no relation to the infamous Tom Pendergast who helped make Harry Truman a household name and poured plenty of concrete in and around the greater Kansas City area in the 1930's.

Instead, our Tom feels his claim to fame is that he is friends with Radio For Grownups' host, Joel Becker. Tom is also Joel's color man on the local high school hockey radio broadcast every week during the hockey season.

Like Joel, Tom grew up in St. Louis listening to KMOX radio (the voice of America), which featured some of the best broadcasters in the country. When he was a kid he didn't have cable TV or the Internet so for most of the day radio was pretty much his only source of information.

Even today Tom still enjoys listening to the radio at work and in the car.

When not on Radio For Grownups, Tom can be found at one of two other places of employment. By day, Tom serves as the Commissioner of the Kansas City Men's Senior and Adult Baseball League. This league provides a competitive place for adults (18 and over) to continue to play baseball with other players in their peer group. The league offers three different age categories, 18+, 28+ and 38+. The season starts in April and ends in October.

Tom is also the Supervisor of Officials for Johnson County's Parks and Recreation department, responsible for providing umpires and referees for both slow and fast pitch recreational softball leagues as well as flag football and adult kickball.